‘The Old Man And The Sea’ by Ernest Hemingway

English Book Club Ciervo Blanco in Madrid:

Book Reading and Discussion in English about the novel The Old Man And The Sea by Ernest Hemingway

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The Old Man and the Sea is one of Hemingway’s most enduring works. Told in language of great simplicity and power, it is the story of an old Cuban fisherman, down on his luck, and his supreme ordeal — a relentless, agonizing battle with a giant marlin far out in the Gulf Stream.

Here Hemingway recasts, in strikingly contemporary style, the classic theme of courage in the face of defeat, of personal triumph won from loss. Written in 1951, and published in 1952, The Old Man and the Sea is Hemingway’s final full-length work published during his lifetime. The book was featured in Life magazine on September 1, 1952, and five million copies of the magazine were sold in two days. The Old Man and the Sea became a Book of the Month Club selection, and made Hemingway a celebrity. Published in book form on September 1, 1952, the first edition print run was 50,000 copies. In May 1953, the novel received the Pulitzer Prize and was specifically cited when he was awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1954. The success of The Old Man and the Sea made Hemingway an international celebrity. The Old Man and the Sea is commonly taught and continues to earn foreign royalties.

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Ernest Hemingway ranks as the most famous of twentieth-century American writers; like Mark Twain, Hemingway is one of those rare authors most people know about, whether they have read him or not. The difference is that Twain, with his white suit, ubiquitous cigar, and easy wit, survives in the public imagination as a basically, lovable figure, while the deeply imprinted image of Hemingway as rugged and macho has been much less universally admired, for all his fame. Hemingway has been regarded less as a writer dedicated to his craft than as a man of action who happened to be afflicted with genius. When he won the Nobel Prize in 1954, Time magazine reported the news under Heroes rather than Books and went on to describe the author as “a globe-trotting expert on bullfights, booze, women, wars, big game hunting, deep sea fishing, and courage.” Hemingway did in fact address all those subjects in his books, and he acquired his expertise through well-reported acts of participation as well as of observation; by going to all the wars of his time, hunting and fishing for great beasts, marrying four times, occasionally getting into fistfights, drinking too much, and becoming, in the end, a worldwide celebrity recognizable for his signature beard and challenging physical pursuits.

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Literary Gathering: The Old Man And The Sea by Ernest Hemingway

When: Saturday 07/02/15 at 6:00 pm

Where: Cicero Canary – C/ Altamirano, 16 – Madrid – (Argüelles)

Language: English (we read and chat in English)

Open admission: let us know you’re coming by pressing “RSVP” below:

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You can download The Old Man And The Sea by Ernst Hemingway ePub in our digital editions download page (only registered users).

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Complete list of attendees including other networks:

Adrián Díaz (CBO)

Ana (CB)

Ana (MU)

Ara (MU)

Andrés (MU)

Ángel Contrera (CB)

Ángela (MU)

Chris (MU)

Cris (MU)

Elena Costa (MU)

Fabiola (CB)

José María Matías (MU)

Laura Camino (CB)

Nuria Argote (MU)

Sultan (MU)

Virginia (CBO)

Virginia (MU)

Ángel (MU)

Beatriz (MU)

Belén (MU)

Chuk Ikéh (MU)

Darya (MU)

Dawn (MU)

Elena (MU)

Inés Celdran (MU)

Isabel (MU)

Ishmael Kavalier (CBO)

Kim (MU)

Lauren (MU)

Maria (MU)

Nerea (CBO)

Oksana Iakmchuk (CB)

Vi (MU)



The Old Man And The Sea

Book reading and discussion in Madrid about the novel "The Old Man and The Sea" by Ernest Hemingway, literary gathering organized by Ciervo Blanco Book Club.

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