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Secondhand BodiesYang25/06/2019:00
You’ll enjoy it when you get thereTaylor21/06/2017:00
The CometDu Bois18/06/2019:00
As Good As NewAnders14/06/2017:00
The Sleeper and the SpindleGaiman11/06/2019:00
In Other Rooms, Other WondersMeuunuddin04/06/2019:00
The Midnight ZoneGroff31/05/2017:00
Night journey of the dragon-horseJia28/05/2019:00
Cat PersonRoupenian21/05/2019:00
Cat Pictures, PleaseKritzer17/05/2019:00
A Perfect Day For BananafishSalinger14/05/2019:00
The LandladyDahl10/05/2019:00
The mortal inmortalShelley07/05/2019:00
6 Selected PoemsC. B.03/05/2017:00
I sing the body electricBradbury30/04/2019:00
A good man is hard to findO’Connor26/04/2017:00
Miss Adele Amidst the CorsetsSmith23/04/2019:00
The turkey seasonMunro19/04/2017:00
The SearchlightWoolf12/04/2017:00
The Yellow WallpaperPerkins09/04/2019:00
The Bloody ChamberCarter05/04/2017:00
The Paper MenagerieKen Liu02/04/2019:00
A sound of thunderBradbury29/03/2017:00
The OutsiderLovecraft26/03/2019:00
The LotteryJackson19/03/2019:45
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All Ciervo Blanco discussions are open and free. The only requirement is to read the text that will be debated.

We’re using the video-conference software Zoom, which is free. Please make sure to download, install, register and test the program on your PC, smartphone or table before the discussion. This discussions will be recorded to be uploaded to online platforms like YouTube and Ivoox.

You just need to enter the following ID: 727-737-7475
Or use the following link: https://us04web.zoom.us/j/7277377475
The password, if it’s required, will be “cb”.

Any doubt, feel free to contact +34 668853320

All events are free. If you would like to collaborate supporting the club’s expenses, you can do so through Teaming (1€/month):


Club Libro Ciervo Blanco Tertulias Literarias Madrid

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