‘Preparation for the Next Life’, by Atticus Lish

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Preparation for the Next Life

Ciervo Blanco Book Club organizes in Madrid a book discussion in English about the novel ‘Preparation for the Next Life’, by Atticus Lish

This is a free book discussion in English. The only requirement is to have read the book!

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Zou Lei, orphan of the desert, migrates to work in America and finds herself slaving in New York’s kitchens. She falls in love with a young man whose heart has been broken in another desert. A new life may be possible if together they can survive homelessness, lockup, and the young man’s nightmares, which may be more prophecy than madness.

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Atticus Lish

Atticus Lish (born 1972) is an American novelist. His debut, Preparation for the Next Life, caught its independent publisher “off guard” by becoming a surprise success, winning a number of awards including the PEN/Faulkner Award for Fiction. Lish lives in Sunset Park, Brooklyn with his wife. He is the son of influential literary editor Gordon Lish.

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Book Discussion: ‘Preparation for the Next Life’, by Atticus Lish

When: Saturday, February 22nd 2020 at 18:00 (6pm Madrid time)

Where: Residencia de Estudiantes, Pinar, 21, Madrid

Language: English (we’ll debate in English)

Organizer: Adrian Diaz

Contact: +34 668853320

Mandatory: Read the book

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Preparation for the Next Life

Book discussion about the novel PREPARATION FOR THE NEXT LIFE by ATTICUS LISH, organized for free in Madrid by Ciervo Blanco Book Club.

Contact: +34 668853320

Collaborations: https://www.teaming.net/ciervoblancoclub




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